Stuck Inside of Manhattan with the Dylan Blues Again

Or What I did with a Month off From Blogging.

I seriously considered giving up blogging for good. The jury is still out on this one actually.

I listened to Bob Dylan's Modern Times a dozen times. I finished reading the Dylan biography Behind the Shades Revisited. Mr. Zimmerman's adventures have encouraged me to finally listen to The Band and delve further into the blues. Following Dylan down this road led me further and further from "what's-hot -now" trend-mill that makes up much of the blogging scene these days.

Yet I still found time to acquaint myself with Girl Talk, Poni Hoax, Awesome Color, Cortney Tidwell, Van She and other new artists making interesting music.

The Junior Boys' So This is Goodbye cemented a high spot in my 2006 favorites list, as did Johnny Cash's American V and Ghostface Killah's Fishscale.

I discovered the glory that is the Staple Singers through the amazing compilation Uncloudy Day.

I saw Sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at McCarren Park and savored every minute of watching a concert with absolutely no pressure to consider an angle for a review.

I realized I have no desire to be a critic, an insider, a taste-maker or trend spotter. I don't want to break bands, hype the unworthy or count page hits. My love for music is ultimately unprofessional and personal. What this means for my posting here, I don't know.